Kurt Schürmann Lecture


The German Society of Skull Base Surgery invites internationally pioneering scientists to give a lecture named in honour of Kurt Schürmann.

Kurt Schürmann was born in Bochum on 19 February 1920. In 1939 he began his medical studies in Leipzig. After continuing his training in Marburg, Heidelberg and Innsbruck, he graduated from the Karl Franzens University in Graz, Austria as a Doktor der gesamten Heilkunde (equivalent to M.D.) in 1945. He underwent his surgical and neurosurgical training at the then Knappschaftskrankenhaus Bochum-Langendreer (a hospital operated by the German Federal Miners’ Insurance Institution), concurrently engaging in scientific activities in the Max Planck Institute there. After becoming certified as a specialist in surgery in 1951, he obtained hisHabilitation (post-doctoral lecturing qualification) in surgery and neurosurgery in 1955 and, in the same year, became Director of the Department of Neurosurgery at Mainz Surgical Teaching Hospital. His innovative concept of clinical practice was lauded by numerous national and international professional associations which awarded him either corresponding or honorary membership. By the time he was granted emeritus status in 1988, he had succeeded in establishing an excellent neurosurgical school whose graduates filled a large number of chairs in neurosurgery. His great importance for the advancement of neurosurgery was, at the time he was awarded emeritus status, honoured by recognition including the awarding of the Fedor Krause Medal of the German Neurosurgical Society and the Walter Poppelreuter Gold Medal by the Bund der Hirnverletzten Deutschland (German Association for the Brain-Damaged).

The following statutes apply to the invitation to give the Kurt Schürmann Lecture:

  1. The individual to be invited must have performed special, internationally recognized clinical and academic services in the advancement of skull base surgery. This lecture is generally a mark of recognition of an individual’s outstanding life’s work.
  2. All members of the German Society of Skull Base Surgery (the Society) are eligible for nomination.
  3. The Society’s Executive Committee and Scientific Advisory Council shall decide on the awarding of the Horst Scheunemann Medal by a unanimous vote.

Former laureates:
1999 M.E. Wiegand, Erlangen
2001 J. Lang, Würzburg
2003 U. Fisch, Zürich
2005 M. Samii, Hannover
2007 W. Draf, Hannover
2010 R. Schmelzle, Hamburg
2011 W. Seeger, Freiburg
2013 H. Stammberger, Graz
2015 V. Seifert, Frankfurt
2018 R. Schmelzeisen, Freiburg

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