Hans-Joachim Denecke Award


The German Society of Skull Base Surgery confers the Hans-Joachim Denecke Award, which carries prize money of 1,500 euros, on an annual basis.

Hans-Joachim Denecke, who was born in Prenzlau in Germany’s Uckermark region on 2 October 1911 and died in Heidelberg on 28 April 1990, was one of the truly great surgeons in the field of otorhinolaryngology. Denecke studied at the Universities of Marburg and Freiburg before going to Berlin and then Greifswald, where he obtained his medical doctorate in 1936. After spells training in pathology and surgery he relocated to Marburg where, under Walther Uffenorde, he focused on surgery of the paranasal sinuses as his main field of interest; from 1943, based in Heidelberg under Alfred Seiffert, he devoted itself to the full range of procedures in operative otorhinolaryngology. After the end of the war in 1945, Denecke was the first lecturer to obtain his post-doctoral lecturing qualification (Habilitation) from the newly reopened Heidelberg Medical Faculty. In 1950 Denecke was appointed a supernumary professor. As early as 1947, he was entrusted with the editing of the ENT periodical Zentralblatt für Hals-Nasen-Ohrenheilkunde, published by the Springer group in Heidelberg. As co-editor, he had by the time of his death in 1990 compiled over 100 volumes on all aspects of ear, nose and throat medicine and adjoining disciplines. In 1948 he was, on the strength of his considerable surgical experience, commissioned by the surgeons Rudolf Zenker and Nicola Guleke to write the section entitled “Allgemeinen und speziellen chirurgischen Operationslehre” (“General and Specific Surgical Theory”) as part of the work “Die oto-rhino-laryngologischen Operationen” (“Otorhinolaryngological Surgery”). A new edition, published in several different volumes, came out in 1980; volume 1, “Die Operationen an der Nase und im Nasopharynx” (“Surgery of the Nose and Nasopharynx”) and volume 3, “Die oto-rhino-laryngologischen Operationen im Mund- und Halsbereich” (“Otorhinolaryngological Surgery of the Oral and Neck Region”) were published during his lifetime; the preparation of the bulk of the volumes entitled “Operationen an den Nasennebenhöhlen und der angrenzenden Schädelbasis” (“Surgery of the Paranasal Sinuses and the Adjacent Skull Base”) and “Operationen im Ohrbereich” (“Surgery of the Ear Region”) was his main legacy. 1964 saw the publication, in collaboration with R. Meyer, of the volume “Die plastischen Operationen am Kopf und Hals” (“Plastic Surgery of the Head and Neck”). Denecke had particularly extensive experience in the surgery of the lateral skull base, which he was able to pass on to fellow professionals including neurosurgeons – most notably surgery of extensive tumours of the temporal bone and the jugular glomus. Numerous honorary memberships in professional societies both in Germany and elsewhere recognize his extensive surgical experience, his comprehensive knowledge of the literature and his pioneering work in skull base surgery.

The following statutes apply to the conferring of the Hans-Joachim Denecke Award:

  1. The Hans-Joachim Denecke Award is conferred for an outstanding piece of work (which has not yet received any awards) in the field of skull base surgery. This work must not have been concurrently submitted for a different award.
  2. A piece of work shall be evaluated by a panel consisting of three elected members of the Society acting as award judges. They shall, from the entries submitted, select those they deem worthy of this honour. If there is only one entry, they have to rule on whether or not it is deserving of the award.
  3. All members of the German Society of Skull Base Surgery (the Society) may enter for the award.
  4. A digital copy (manuscript in either English or German) of the work is to be submitted to the Society’s Registry by no later than 15 July.
  5. The decision of the adjudicating panel shall be final. It shall be communicated in writing to the Society’s President, accompanied by the submitted entries. The award shall be conferred on the occasion of the Society’s annual conference. The award may, in exceptional cases, be shared.
  6. In cases of doubt, the most senior member of the adjudicating panel shall have the casting vote. In such cases, he/she shall notify the General Secretary regarding the panel’s final vote.
  7. A copy of the winning entry shall remain with the Society’s General Office for documentation purposes. Other work submitted shall be returned to the authors concerned.
  8. If an entrant contravenes the statues by the manner in which his/her work is submitted, this work shall not be eligible for consideration.

Former laureates:
2001 R. Heermann, Hannover
2002 G. Bachmann, Tromsø
2003 B. Schick, Homburg / Saar
2004 K. Bumm, Erlangen
2005 Bockmühl, Fulda
2006 M. Diensthuber, Hannover
2007 M.C. Metzger, Freiburg
2008 Alireza Gharabaghi, Tübingen
2009 M. Lenarz / M. Leinung , Hannover
2010 F. Ebner, Tübingen
2011 M. Hofer, Leipzig
2012 H. Essig, Hannover
2013 F. Tavassol, Hannover
2014 T. K. Hoffmann, Ulm
2015 M. Rana, Düsseldorf
2017 M. Caversaccio, Bern
2018 S. Plontke, Halle
2019 F. Behling, Tübingen
2021 Z. Cinibulak, Köln

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