Dear colleagues and visitors,

We would like to welcome you to the website of the Society of Skull Base Surgery . Society of Skull Base Surgery was founded in 1993 as German Society of Skull Base Surgery and has been restructured into a multinational society of German speaking countries and regions. The Society is a professional, interdisciplinary scientific organization that brings together exponents in diverse fields – otorhinolaryngology, oral and maxillofacial surgery, neurosurgery, neuroradiology and ophthalmology, as well as related disciplines – who have applied themselves to the challenges posed by the boundary region between the brain and the facial skull. Owing to the complex anatomy of this area and the major impact that diseases and disorders affecting it can have on patients’ quality of life, a particular premium is placed on responsible diagnostics and therapy in a process of interdisciplinary consultation.

Thanks to medical advances that exploit state-of-the-art technology, it has in recent years proved possible to develop successful therapeutic approaches for treating most medical conditions affecting this region, and thus to play a crucial role in enhancing the lives of those affected.

Through close cooperation with the medical-engineering industry, numerous new treatment procedures have been established, among the most notable of which are computer- and robot-assisted surgery, targeted radiotherapy, functional surgery and neuromonitoring.

At this site you can find out about our Society, its organizational structure, events and how to contact us; there is also information on membership, and links to other professional bodies are provided. We would be delighted to be able to welcome you – both as a member of our Society and to our events.

Best regards,

Prof. Dr. med. Konrad Schwager

Prof. Dr. med. Dr. med. dent. Nils-Claudius Gellrich
Vice President

Prof. Dr. med. Henry W. Schroeder
General Secretary

Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Hoffmann

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